Real Bohemian Wedding Invitations

I know what many of you are thinking. What makes a bohemian stand out from the rest of the rustic wedding invitations you can find on just about any site? After all a boho wedding is one intune with the rustic woodland aspects of our lives right?

Well, this is true. And many of those sites offering the bohemian fare are good examples of simply beautiful invitation designs. But we take it one step further. If you have been browsing those sites though, unable to find what you are looking for you might have noticed that not all rustic invitations capture the beauty of a boho wedding.

Let me explain why.

Bohemian v. Rustic

As you have most certainly noticed, just because the theme often based on country wedding invitations. As you will see on this site.

One of the most charming aspects of a bohemian wedding is the way it combines elements from many different threads to create the perfect wedding atmosphere. You can see this time and time again when you browse the most popular wedding sites. Some of them get “it” and others run astray.

The reason is simple. While the rustic aspect of a bohemian wedding is what makes it stand out, it isn’t afraid to merge many different cultural aspects that may at first glance not appear to fit together.

One of those offbeat sites that does get “it,” finds the beats almost effortlessly. The Off Beat Bride is the first stop in my opinion for great ideas on how to style a wedding with the boho look and feel. And as you’ll notice in the page I linked. There isn’t a “right way” to do it. But as you can imagine there is always a wrong.

The wrong way to celebrate a bohemian wedding is often trying too hard.

The Perfect Boho Wedding

Your next question is certainly: “if it is so easy to throw a boho wedding, why do so many people get it wrong?” Easy, as I said there are many ways to get it right.

Think about a traditional wedding, or even a rustic wedding for that matter. Many of these types of celebrations are based on tradition. Even a rustic wedding held in the country will stick to firm conformity. The reason is that the guests, and the couple holding it want a “real” wedding. And they want the trappings that go with such receptions.

When somebody chooses to throw a bohemian style wedding they are breaking with tradition from the very beginning.

If you can do this you can easily host an amazing wedding that people will remember for years to come.

The idea is to make things simple.

Make things eclectic.

If you love an idea include it, mix it up, and mix it in, until it is truly you.

We’ve seen a lot of great boho weddings. But the best ones have been those that people stepped back and looked at with different expectations. After all you cannot fake a boho wedding. Sure you can take a pinch of inspiration from it, but it you wrap the traditional wedding in bohemian trappings you’ll be left feeling empty. Because you will have left the heart out of the whole day.

When people choose to take an alternate approach to their big day it needs to be authentic.

This authenticity is what gives the wedding its life. I have been witness to a couple of what I like to call “Instagram” weddings. What this means is that while the overall look might have been there, the whole purpose was to look pretty. It didn’t fulfill the original role it was cast for. The guests we’re extras in the romance of the year and at the end it was just another forgettable though expensive wedding.

On the other hand, once you realize that boho is about simplicity you will be amazed at how affordable and fun they can be to organize.

We’re Better Suited

To return to your original question, the reason why our invitations shine is that they were designed with all of these aspects in place.

And we’re not just talking about the look, the feel is there, as is they are affordable. We will only say this in closing.

When you choose to have a bohemian wedding make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. We’ve given you a selection of invitations that capture the look, the feel, and the emotion perfectly. If you take the boho golden rule to heart there is little you can do to make the whole thing as special as you are.